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Drake And Half The Globe Is Tired Of Kanye’s Bullshit In 2019!!

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It’s officially a new year, and we still have to put up with Kanye bullshit !!

As we all know 2018 has been a somewhat of a rough year for Mr. West in his personal life. The rapper took to Twitter at random times to get things off his chest. However, it seems as though he managed to rub alot of people the wrong way. At one point the Chicago native chose mind control as a topic as a rant to share on Twitter. It’s no secret, we all know Kanye is crazy as hell, but Kim may be worried. We personally had major concerns when Kanye West was showing off Kim Kardashian-West pussy. We get it, Kanye ain’t all there, but he’s still smashing Kim Kardashian.

Despite being one of the most iconic artists to enter the music industry, Mr. West has clearly proven he doesn’t know how to stay in his lane. Yeezy tried his hand at politics and shocked the world when he arrived at the Whitehouse for lunch with Trump. Ye attempted to be an advocate for Donald Trump connecting with the urban community. Unfortunately, Ye received plenty of backlash from the hip-hop community for creating ties to Trump. Furthermore, his wife said she had to educate Kanye West after the Trump visit.

Drake Fiasco

After his brush with failure, Mr. West laid low for just a brief time. However, it wasn’t long before Yeezy went back to ranting on Twitter. The iconic rapper took aim at his supposed mentee for his shade on several tracks. However, Drake didn’t bite his tongue and supposedly threaten his former idol. It wasn’t long until his wife stepped in, and Kim Kardashian wasn’t having it.  To avoid further issues, Kim wants Kanye off Twitter, she’s done with the drama.  The bee is now reignited once Kanye learned that Drake was following Mrs. West throughout the dispute.

To avoid further headache Drizzy took the more mature by unfollowing Kim on Instagram. It seems as though Ye needs a chill pill in 2019, and we’re already sick of his ass!!

Do you think that Yeezy will chill in 2019?? Should Drake be tired of Yeezy’s bullshit and punch him in the mouth and not apologize? Leave your comments below and for more gossip keep it linked to





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[…] in the midst of ranting and beefing with Canadian Superstar Drizzy. One thing that is evident is Drake and half the globe is tired of Kanye’s bullshit in 2019. Overall, everyone is hoping that the two will eventually settle their differences and makeup. […]

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