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    Drake Discusses His Come Up With Rap Radar

    What A Time To Be Alive

    On December 25th, Hip-Hop Icon Drake sat down with the Rap Radar to talk about his career and how his life has changed. As music consumers, it’s very rare that we know the small details of an artist’s journey. This interview lets people to see what has been doing on in Drake’s life from his early days till now.

    Drake Discusses His Come-1

    Paying Homage

    Throughout his career Drake has made 8 Albums, won 4 Grammys, had 6 number one songs, and 35 top 100 hits. He has also helped opened the doors for a lot of new music and for new artists to become mainstream. At the beginning of his interview, he discussed Lil Wayne, who helped shaped him into who he is today.

    A difficult time during Drake’s career was when Lil Wayne went to prison. As a starting artist, a lot of people would just give up if they lost their mentor. Instead, this made Drake work harder. He was asked “How did you hold it down when Wayne went to prison”?

    “from everything that I learned, I just clicked into a different zone naturally. I always felt like, I’m Waynes little brother and that he’s dependent on me to carry this name”

    “Wayne always embraced me working in my own space. He never said you have to work like me, you have to stay up these hours, you have to do these drugs. He never was like that he never pressured me”

    Even in Wayne’s absence, The lessons he taught Drake helped him grow and become one of the biggest artist the world has seen. The rest of the interview is available to watch in the video above.

    What do you guys think about what Drake had to say. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Have a good day.


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