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    Drake Savagely Buys Pharrell’s Chains For “Jumbotron Sh*t Poppin”

    Certain items in hip-hop culture should be considered artifacts due to their importance. Probably one of the most iconic items ever has to be Pharrell’s 2000s NERD-era jewelry, specifically his iced-out chains. Recently, it was reported that they put the chains up for auction for a crazy. In the worst way possible, the buyer was revealed to be Drake and people weren’t happy.

    Big Flexer

    Earlier this week, Drake released the visuals for “Jumbotron Shit Poppin”. In one scene, a close-up shot showed Drake sporting the iconic chains. Pharrell changed the game when he got them chains. And now, thanks to being rich, Drake is walking around with hip-hop history on his neck. How could something so important to the culture falls into the hands of that goofy Canadian?

    To many, it may not seem like a big deal, but I agree with the public’s outrage. Drake just can’t keep getting away with this excessive flexing. I feel like he’s running out of things to spend his money on. Pharrell should’ve passed all that jewelry down to his children or the African-American History Museum. What was he thinking?

    Petty King

    It’s starting to feel like Drake enjoys leaning in and embracing being the “petty king”. Because while yes, I do love his music, I think he’s so corny. He definitely understands what those chains represent and means to Hip-Hop/Skate culture. So his purchase was just a chess move to make everyone upset.

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