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    Doug Winkelstein Embraces Wedding Challenges For Life-Long Partnership

    Doug Winkelstein has always been interested in getting married if he found the right person. He was supposed to have a wedding on March 21, 2021. He still got married on that date, but due to the pandemic he had to wait about two years to have the wedding.

    For Pride Month 2022, Doug Winkelstein openly shares his experience and his views on the legalization of gay marriage 2022.

    Modern and Traditional

    It ended up being a traditional Jewish wedding for the most part. However, both he and his husband definitely acknowledged the privilege they have to be a gay couple in 2022 and be able to get married. Also, their Rabbi was a woman, which is something else worth celebrating!

    Winkelstein doesn’t think the legalization of gay marriage has changed much in terms of people’s opinions on same-sex couples in general. Winkelstein believes that regardless of the law, people who are accepting are going to be accepting and people who are bigoted are going to be that way as well.

    Mr. Right

    Doug has been enjoying his marriage so far because he “love[s] being with [his] husband”, and Doug considers himself to be a member of the gay community. He knows that he found the right guy who is smart, exciting, funny, and unique. Doug’s favorite quality about his husband? “How authentically kind and thoughtful he is.” Marriage for this couple has been just another step in their life-long commitment to each other.

    Matrimonial Advice

    In light of his successful partnership, Doug shares some family planning advice for the next generations. Doug Winkelstein says, “Want to support your partner! Have fun, push each other to take risks, and do at least one nice thing for each other everyday without expecting something in return.”

    In honor of Pride Month 2022, we would love for you to share your thoughts and stories about a loving partnership between same-sex couples.



    1. Congratulations to Doug Winkelstein and his husband on their marriage!
      Be blessed!

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