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    Doja Cat Says “I’m Still A Boss” After Shaving Off All Her Hair

    Artists don’t always see the world as other people do, which makes them unique. Celebrities are certainly creative individuals with a mind like no other. While rapper Doja Cat is known for her quirky and sometimes eccentric personality, she raised quite a few brows after shaving off all her hair this past weekend. Furthermore, the “Freaky” artist has been receiving hate mail for the last few days. Though, Doja Cat isn’t sweating the haters. In fact, she clapped back at the haters saying she’s still a boss.

        Doja Cat Doesn’t Like Having Any Hair On Her Body

    via Rap-Up

    Celebrities are known for their online shenanigans. Whether they’re Cardi B giving out sex advice or Justin Bieber doing a TikTok dance with his wife, the cameras stay rolling. Though, Doja Cat pretty much outdid everyone in her latest post after shaving her hair and eyebrows in front of 20,000 people. While bleached eyebrows and buzz cuts have gone on to become fashion trends, we’re not sure about shaved ones. Though, she’s not done yet with shaving herself.  Now the star wants to “rip off” her genital hairs. Clearly, the Planet Her star just doesn’t like to have hair on her body.

        The Rapper Reminds The Haters She’s Still A Boss


    It’s no secret that Doja Cat has enjoyed the freedom of not having any hair or eyebrows. Furthermore, she’s posted selfies of herself wearing different makeup and painted-on-brow looks. She’s especially not worried about the haters.

    In a recent video posted on Twitter, Doja Cat made it clear that she’s not having a “Britney Spears moment.” Additionally, just to show how very little she cares about what the haters think, she says, “I’m still a boss b***h.” Doja Cat doesn’t have any shame in her game. If she wants to go bald, she’ll work it.”


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