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    DJ Criminal Conquers The Fear Of Success In “Mountain Tops”

    Several artists have toured around the world and attempted to incorporate a new culture into their music. For instance, French Montana’s “Unforgettable” track finds the rapper immersed in a new culture, highlighting the people, their homes and overall way of life. Even other artists like Pitbull have spread “International Love” across the globe to his fans. However, none of these artists have gone to the extremes that American disc jockey DJ Criminal has.

    Furthermore, the Pittsburg artist has spent several years playing out shows across the globe. DJ Criminal isn’t just our typical disco jockey though. He’s performed at large festivals like “The Vans Warped Tour.” Strangely enough, he’s even done shows during natural disasters like earthquakes and radioactive meltdowns. Additionally, DJ Criminal has ventured to several countries like Egypt, Dubai, Asia and Thailand. Most artist in his position would jump at the opportunity to both travel and have fun playing their music.

    Additionally, he’s worked with some of the biggest names in HipHop such as Kool Keith “Dr. Octagon” and the Gift of Gab Blackalicious. He even appeared in Public Enemy’s music videos. Though, DJ Criminal’s talents go beyond just working with artist. He’s also engineered and performed on releases by underground hip-hop heavyweights like Atmosphere, Eyedea and P.O.S. The guy’s ear for music and remixes combined with his scratching and DJing capabilities have scored him some huge gigs worldwide. With a talent like that, it’s no wonder he’s such a standout act.

    Fresh off the press, DJ Criminal returns to the music forefront with his newest track “Mountain Tops.” The song dropped just ahead of his upcoming LP The Smuggler’s Candle, which is set for a release date of August 26th. Moreover, “Mountain Top” finds the disc jockey crafting another HipHop-infused track that discusses our fears of success.

    The DJ Tells Us To Face Our Fears Of Success

    Everyone has different views of their success. However, what happens when they reach that “Mountain Tops” of success? DJ Criminal’s newest track “Mountain Tops” addresses the fears of reaching our full potential. Featuring conscious rapper Blueprint, the song acts as a sort of confessional about the fears of being no. 1.

    At one point, Blueprint raps about “looking to the Heavens and asking if he’s worthy of the success that’s come his way.” Unfortunately, his insecurities get the best of him, and he ends up sabotaging himself. Now older and wiser, Blueprint has learned from his mistakes and faced his fears. Now he’s eager to work his way back up to the “Mountain Tops.”

    Furthermore, the music video features Blueprint sitting in the middle of a storage room, surrounded by boxes, containers and old vinyl records. He grabs a stack of old publications that feature him on the cover page and flips through them. Basically, the music video shows the rapper reminiscing on his “glory-days.” Furthermore, the song features vocals from Jennifer Charles and bars from Atmosphere rapper Slug. Both artist offer their own distinctive sound, making the track all the more wholesome. Overall, DJ Criminal’s HipHop and blues-sounding track tells us not to fear the uncertainty of success.

    Don’t Miss Out On DJ Criminal’s Newest LP

    DJ Criminal
    via Spotify

    Clearly, DJ Criminal has crafted a great record with “Mountain Tops.” Not only does it cater to familiar and even nostalgic sounds of HipHop, but it’s also relatable. Some people can’t handle success and find ways to destroy their hard work. Though, DJ Criminal, with the help of his friends, reminds us that we must conquer our fears and reach that “Mountain Top” in our lives. Be sure to catch DJ Criminal’s newest LP The Smuggler’s Candle out this week on August 26th.






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