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    Donald Williams, Derek Chauvin Witness Testifies

    Donald Williams, Key Witness in Derek Chauvin Trial

    Donald Williams delivered emotional testimony on Tuesday during the trial of former officer Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd. He recalled his conversation with the 911 dispatcher while on the stand.

    In video footage of the trial, Williams, a professional mixed martial arts fighter, tearfully remembered the day Floyd died. He spoke about his reason for calling 911 even though there were officers on the scene. Williams became emotional when listening to the call in court.

    “That is correct, I did call the police on the police,” Williams remarked. When asked why, he responded “because I believe I witnessed a murder.”

    Williams wiped tears from his face after the playing of 911 conversation.

    “Y’all murderers,” he can be heard saying on the phone call. “Y’all ni***s is murderers bro.” He continued, “they killed that man in front of the store.”

    Answering Defense Questions From Derek Chauvin Defense

    Then, Donald Williams was asked by Chauvin’s defense attorney asked Williams a tough question.

     “Do you recall saying ‘I dare you to touch me like that, I swear I’ll slap the f*** out of you.’”

    William’s responded, “yeah, I did. I meant it.”

    He continued to defend his actions as the DA attempted to portray him as angry. “I grew professional and professional. I stayed in my body. You can’t paint me out to be angry.”

    Lasting Words from Prosecutor Jerry  Blackwell

    Chauvin’s trial began on Monday with prosecutor Jerry Blackwell. They focused on the amount of time the former officer’s knee remained on Floyd’s neck. Recall that Floyd begged for his life as he died.

    Blackwell told to jurors that Chauvin “didn’t let up, he didn’t get up” even after Floyd said 27 times that he couldn’t breathe before he stopped moving, according to the report.

    “He put his knees upon his neck and his back, grinding and crushing him, until the very breath — no ladies and gentlemen — until the very life, was squeezed out of him,” Blackwell said.

    America will watch and pray for justice for George Floyd’s family. 


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