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    DATTBOIIAJ Taps Jdot Breezy For New Single “Eazy-E”

    “Eazy-E” is of course a music legend but also the name of the newest single DATTBOIIAJ that features his fellow Florida native Jdot Breezy. Classic southern 808s is mixed in with a smooth hook and verses from the duo which creates an enjoyable listen.

    A video is added to the mix which feature the two rappers having fun and should add more vibrance to the audio rollout. With the recent release of Jdot’s album this should serve him more acclaim while DATTBOIIAJ continues to put himself on the map.

    The Lil Boosie influenced emcee is positioning himself to have a huge 2023 and having good singles such as “Eazy-E” is promising for the young rapper. Watch the video below.

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