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    Danielle Bregoli the Motherfuckin Cash Cow Enters Gaming World

    All hail Danielle Bregoli. She might walk a thin line between ratchet and ghetto, but you have to give the girl her props, because she also walks a thin line between rich, and rich AF!

    Danielle Bregoli just signed ANOTHER big deal…this time it’s with the gaming world because she’ll be working with a gaming app. And she doesn’t even have to work hard in order to start bringing in the money. The money will come straight to her account, as long as she does some promoting on her social media accounts. Furthermore, Danielle Bregoli gaming world will have a direct impact on gamers as we know it.

    Danielle Bregoli Gaming World

    TMZ came across some legal documents, which explain the whole agreement. It says that the Cash Me Outside girl’s company, Dani B, will get fronted $100k in cash as long she keeps her end of the deal. This means that as well as promoting the mobile game on her Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and etc, she’ll also have to promote it across YouTube.

    If she doesn’t, well let’s just say she’ll still be rich, just not as rich as she could be with the help of this new opportunity.

    At the age of 16, when most girls her age are going to the mall with their friends, or just hanging out in someone’s room prank calling boys, Danielle’s already lightyears ahead of them.

    The girl who got her 15 minutes of fame by appearing on Dr. Phil is making sure that 15 minutes stretch into a lifetime, and she’s making sure it comes equipped with some paychecks too. Since her television debut, Danielle has scored a songwriting deal worth $1 million, a $900k deal to promote CopyCat beauty, and a Snapchat original that, without aa doubt, helps keep the lights on.

    Whew chile…who knew being the epitome of ratchet could pay off so well.

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