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    DaBaby’s Baby Mama Danileigh, Their Daughter Have COVID-19

    Life has been tough for singer Danileigh. The new mom and her child were just kicked out of DaBaby’s condo. Topping things off, Danileigh’s mother no longer manages her music career. Unfortunately, things have become hectic for the “Yellowbone” singer. However, life only got worse for Danileigh and her newborn daughter this week. Turns out they both tested positive for COVID-19.

    DaBaby’s Baby Mama Reveals She & Her Baby Contracted COVID-19

    DaBaby's baby mama
    via BCK Online

    The nation suffers from the unyielding and daunting presence of the novel pandemic. Even in the midst of the spread of the virus, many have sought a return to normalcy in their lives. Celebrities, especially, have yearned to get back to living lives by going on tours and performing concerts. DaBaby’s baby mama Danileigh has unfortunately spent too much time outside, especially after being evicted from her ex’s condo. Though, matters have only worsened for the new mother after she and their newborn baby girl tested positive for COVID-19.

    On Jan. 17, Danileigh went on Twitter to share the sad news with her fans. “My baby and I have COVID,” she starts off the tweet. Though, she follows up with a positive message, “we’re ok and will be ok . . . Appreciate prayers stay masked up and inside y’all.” Hopefully, the mother and daughter duo will stay safe themselves.

    Her Mother Drops Her

    DaBaby's baby mama
    via Rap-Up

    Dababy’s baby mama Danileigh has had the worst luck in these last few months. While contracting COVID-19 and being removed from her home, her mother decided to quit as her manager. According to Vicky Curiel, Danileigh’s mother, she needs the alone time to work on loving herself.

    “I’ve taken this time to love myself, focus on myself, and reflect on the fact that I’ve been living for others and not myself,” Curiel wrote in an Instagram post.

    Shortly after, Danileigh made it known on social media that she’s seeking an “amazing manager” and “prays for guidance.” After the hardships she’s had to endure, it makes sense for the new mom to feel overwhelmed.




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