DaBaby’s Bodyguard Made a Female Fan See Stars


DaBaby might have the best…and scariest…bodyguard on the planet.

On Saturday, DaBaby was performing live at the Free Water Block Party in New Orleans. It was during his set that a female fan tried to get a little too close, and ended up waking up on the ground– and possibly with a black eye.

TMZ reports that the North Carolina rapper jumped into the crowd, like he normally does, and attracted the attention of the fan. When that female approached him, he apparently pushed her away from a number of times, but with no luck. She kept coming back for more.

That’s when his bodyguard jumped into protective mode. He dived right into the crowd after his client and started knocking individuals out. But he made a mistake and may have a used a little too much force in the process because knocked the female fan out.

To his defense, he claims it was a mistake. TMZ reports that he made a PSA on Instagram to explain himself. He states that he mistook the female for a man. However, he also says that she had it coming.

Check out his apology below.

After the incident, the female did have to get medical attention.

We smell a lawsuit coming…
Any thoughts? How do you feel about DaBaby’s bodyguard knocking out that female? Should bodyguards be required to put a cap on their strength? Let us know what’s on your mind by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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Featured Image Credit: Billboard


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