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    D.L. Hughley Betta Watch His Back: Terry Crews On That Ass!

    Terry Crews is not happy with DL Hughly for making fun of his sexual assault.

    Terry Crews, last year, shared a story about being sexually assaulted by his agent. Since, then, his story has gotten a mixed reaction from both celebrities and fans. One side is calling him brave for standing up for himself and speaking out about sexual assault. The other side, however, is mocking him for “not being enough of a man” to physically fight his assaulter. In particular, DL Hughley had some words to say about Crews’s assault. In an interview in August of 2018 Hughley said:

    “I think it’s hard for me to think that a dude with all those muscles can’t tell an agent to not touch his ass. I don’t understand, I think that now everybody’s so into this notion that, ‘It happened to me too.’ Hey, motherfucker, God gave you muscles so you could say no and mean it.”


    Recently, this video resurfaced, which prompted Terry Crews to confront Hughley on twitter.


    Hughley then retaliated with a tweet back.

    From there, the two comedians got into it.

    DL Hughley is not the first man to mock Terry Crews for coming out about his assault. Russell Simmons and 50 Cent have also made fun of Crews. In addition to these posts, Crews had something to say to all the men who attacked him for coming out.

    What do you think of this incident? Also, who do you agree with? Let us know with a comment below. And for more WTF news, keep it locked to!


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