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    Cuba Gooding Jr Video Emerges Showing Alleged Butt Grab

    Cuba Gooding Jr can’t catch a break in his sexual cases as video of another incident has been released.

    Actor Cuba Gooding Jr has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently. The snowdog star has been accused of sexually assaulting at least two people in the last year. In one case he is accused of touching a woman’s breast at a rooftop bar. In this latest case, he is accused of “Pinching” a woman’s butt while in Tao nightclub in NYC.

    TMZ has obtained the security footage of the TAO incident which could prove to be the smoking gun in this case. In the video, you can clearly see there is clearly some form of contact between Gooding and his accuser. However, there may be room for interpretation as the accusation is Gooding “pinched” the accuser.

    Gooding Jr

    Whether or not there was any pinching isn’t visible from the video. Something that may prove to be the saving grace for Gooding Jr. Even more, from watching the video the defense team may be able to argue the defendant actually touched the victims back, not her butt.

    The Cuba Gooding Jr video is the latest of examples where men from Hollywood are being exposed for their behavior towards women. According to the criminal justice system, Gooding Jr is still an innocent man in regard to sexual assault. However, most men are guilty of being overly aggressive with women and men alike.

    The Me Too movement has shed light on issues that have plagued society for centuries.

    It has exposed how people in positions of power and fame act. Especially when they feel they are above the rules of social and moral constructs.  While the conversation is long overdue, it should be approached from an objective standpoint on both sides.

    In no form or fashion is a sexual assault of any kind acceptable. yet we mustn’t convict someone of a crime until all the facts are there. In a world where “cancel culture” is all the rage there needs to be some restraint in how someone who is accused of a crime is treated.

    There needs to be a revolution on both sides that empowers people. Women and men alike should feel they can come forward when they have been violated. Furthermore, they shouldn’t feel like somehow they will be blamed for what happened.

    Conversely, when someone is accused they should also be given the American right of being innocent until proven guilty. It’s a very hard line to straddle because of the nature of the crimes, but that’s what it means to be American.

    Featured Image Credit: Entertainment Tonight

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