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    Corri “Coco” Gauff Taking the World by Storm

    The 18-year-old American Cori “Coco” Gauff has gone on to shock the world by defeating Sloane Stephens who’s also a fellow American. In fact, she’s reached her first Grand Slam tournament by defeating a former US Open champion. The magnitude of this accomplishment at Coco Gauff’s age is incomparable. During the match, Coco Gauff seemed to get off to a hot start, ultimately building an early lead. However, as the match continued, she began to slow down a bit, but Stephens continued to make careless mistakes throughout the match. Oddly enough, many didn’t recognize her due to silly careless mistakes; however, this led Gauff to counter and capitalize and come out victorious.

    Having Confidence in Yourself

    Similarly, to Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams, she’s representing an entire dynamic of young African-American girls around the world. While many may argue that burden or pressure should never be put on one individual, the reality is it’s the truth. Gauff defeated a bonafide veteran player like Stephens. Until this point, Stephens (29), a former No. 3, won at Flushing Meadows in 2017 and was the runner-up at Roland Garros the following year, per ESPN.

    On the other hand, Gauff has yet to drop a set on her run to the semifinals. She spoke about her mindset going into the competition. Naturally, Gauff seems to be maturing with age as she continues to put on amazing performances. She shows up in big-time moments for the world to see.

    “I believe in myself. Even last year, I was too focused on trying to fulfill other people’s expectations,” Gauff said. “I know no matter how good or bad my career is, I know I’m a good person, so I think that’s a good message for young people. … Just know: If you love yourself, who cares what anyone else thinks?”

    Corri “Coco” Gauff Takes on Another Uphill Battle

    Many can expect Coco Gauff to take on another first-time semifinalist Martina Trevisan. She beat Leylah Fernandez to advance. However, Fernandez’s injury has raised many to be skeptical, reported ESPN.

    “I was very tired and I had to go to the bathroom. I got just a quick moment alone in a room, away from the court, away from any people, in silence. It gave me a chance to regroup. I threw some water on my face,” Trevisan said.


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