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    Copywrite returned with a new album ‘The High Exhaulted II’

    Columbus, Ohio rapper Copywrite has returned with a new album called The High Exhaulted II, the sequel to his 2002 debut The High Exhaulted. An accomplished veteran in hip-hop’s underground, his music provides captivatingly sharp-witted flows and diverse, layered production. On his latest release, he delivers clever versos with intense delivery atop rich production from Swab, Stu Bangas, the late great Camu Tao, and more that combines a variety of influences together and always keeps it interesting.

    The album opens in an epic manner with “Cold Turkey Leftovers”, which finds Copy immediately showcasing his lyrical prowess and command of the microphone as he weaves together elastic rhymes. The production here is grand and textural, with a cohesive blend of driving keys, snapping percussion, and addictive bass. Next, “The Lah” follows with intriguing, mysterious production centered around dream-like guitars and energetic keys. This song finds his verses confident and sharply crafted, with a sleek lyricism that keeps the listener glued to the speakers, listening to each word.

    “Spoiler Alert/ Have U Cena?” interestingly finds him going at wrestler John Cena, who he accuses of stealing his lyrics for Cena’s music. Atop rumbling, dark production featuring space-age synths and heavy drums, he delivers piercing lines, before an engaging beat switch takes the energy up even further, as he dissects the situation with a series of descriptive, rapid bars. “White Sean Price” provides another project highlight, with buttery samples made up of elegant vocals and warm guitars. A grimy, infectious drum loop enters and pairs with rich bass to create an immersive groove, as Copy flows atop with assured ease. He collaborates with Cannibal Ox’s Vordul Mega for “Maintain”, which talks about society’s ills atop soulful, chilly production. Lastly, the LP finishes with “Silence”, which contains thought-provoking pianos and textural drums underscoring Copy’s emotive verses.

    Released on Man Bites Dog Records, The High Exhaulted II showcases some focused verses and deft flows from Copy and finds him as sharp as he’s ever been. With powerful, dextrous verses and gripping production, this is an exciting album that combines a variety of sonic palettes and provides thoughtful lyricism at every turn.

    What do you think about the “Copywrite” album “The High Exhaulted II“? Drop a comment below for more updates…

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