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    Cops Now Trying To “Recover” Glee Star Naya Rivera

    The search for former glee star Naya Rivera has now become a recovery mission.

    Authorities found her 4-year-old alone on the boat she was last seen on, which is why the search for Naya Rivera is now a recovery attempt. The actress is being presumed as dead after going missing Wednesday.

    The 33-year old actress took her 4-year old son out on Lake Piru Wednesday evening. However, after failing to return at the right time, an employee became suspicious. The boat was found on the north end of the lake with just the boy inside.

    Authorities found Rivera’s purse, identification, but no other items were left on the boat. Additionally, a search began for Rivera Wednesday and will continue into Friday if necessary.

    Footage from the dock area shows that only Naya Rivera and her son got onto the boat. The lake they were on is said to contain about 30 feet of water with 15 feet visibility.

    As of now, the sheriff’s office says their primary concern is to “bring miss Rivera home to her family.”  Conversations with the child suggest that the mother never made it two shore. Furthermore, as Sgt Kevin Donoghue put it,” “If the body is entangled in something beneath the water, it may never come back up,.”

    Former castmates and friends have been sharing their support via social media.

    What do you guys think about Naya Rivera going missing?

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