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    Coi Leray Shut Down Body-Shammers

    Celebrities usually have thick skin when it comes to dealing with the critics. Female stars, unfortunately, face tons on criticism concerning their bodies. Rapper and singer Coi Leray dealt with her fair share of hate mail from body-shammers at last weekend’s BET Awards. On several occasions, fans have criticized the star for her petite body build. Though, this weekend seemed like the last straw for Coi Leray. The “BIG PURR” rapper put the body-shammers in their place and shut them down quick.

                       Coi Leray Shut Down The Haters

    shut down
    via Sandra Rose

    Growing up in the industry, Coi Leray knows how navigate Hollywood’s shark infested waters. The “No More Parties” rapper took to Twitter on Monday to address the flack she’d received from fans about her “petite body build.” Apparently, fans thought the rapper and singer looked too thin following her and Pressa’s red carpet appearance at the 2021 BET Awards. The star shut down body-shammers with snarky comments and even a comical “Yo, mama” joke. “I hope all your mama’s got beach bodies,” the 24-year-old tweeted. Basically, Coi Leray wants to remind everyone that they all come from women. Basically, show more respect for the female anatomy. The rapper wasn’t having any of it this past Monday.

                      The Rapper Faced Cyber Bullying

    shut down
    via BET

    Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Coi Leray has had to defend her petite build. The 24-year-old also dealt with cyber bullying back in March when male spectators slut-shammed the artist. Not afraid to shut down the haters, Coi Leray called out on men by belittling their manhood. Furthermore, the rapper and singer refused to tone down her brand of “self-love and self-worth.” Coi Leray certainly knows how to shut down the haters.



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