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    Clippers’ Paul George Searching For LA Culprit Who Hit His Car

    I thought every kid was taught that actions have consequences. And when they got older, the severity of those consequences increased, especially if you are behind the wheel of a car. I started with this anecdote because it describes the type of pickle LA Clipper, Paul George is in. The NBA All-Star week took a turn for the worse after he was a victim of a hit & run car accident.

    Paul George Did The Dash

    On Thursday afternoon, Paul George was reportedly in a car accident in California. With most accidents, both parties simply exchange insurance info and move on with their lives. I’m pretty sure once the accuser realized the expensive vehicle they hit and probably had a change of plans, which is why they left the scene.

    Caught In The Act

    Luckily, Paul George was able to snag a quick picture of the person. He posted to IG in hopes that someone would recognize him. At first glance, the culprit couldn’t be older than 21 and was obviously scared as hell. I’m with Paul George’s side because someone has to make an example out of him regardless of his age.

    People on social media were saying that PG was overreacting because he’s a millionaire. To them, I say shut up, because it’s not about the money, it’s about the principle. What if their mother or sibling was involved in the accident? I bet they wouldn’t have that same energy then.



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