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    Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson Can’t Keep His Hands To Himself

    Cleveland Browns star QB Deshaun Watson has been facing sexual assault allegations from mid-April of 2021. The opposing lawyer representing all 24 women who have accused Watson of assault, Tony Buzbee, will soon be joining forces with the Houston Texans, reported Sarah Barshop for ESPN . It seems as if the Texans organization and other defendants will be testifying against Watson in court. 

    According to the New York Times , Watson made these women sign NDAs (nondisclosure agreements) to assure they would never speak of the incidents occurring. Some of these NDAs came from the Houston Texans’ director of security, Brent Naccara. It’s on record that he would get massages at The Houstonian several times. The hotel was provided by the Texans as well.

    “What has become clear is that the Houston Texans organization and their contracting ‘massage therapy company’ facilitated Deshaun Watson’s conduct,” Buzbee said in a statement. “In many of these cases, the Texans provided the opportunity for this conduct to occur. We believe the Texans organization was well aware of Watson’s issues but failed to act. They knew or certainly should have known.

    “We intend to make sure all involved in Watson’s conduct are held accountable, in addition to and including Watson himself.”

    The Texans have yet to respond to the Deshaun Watson allegations referring to their direct involvement. However, they’ve made it clear they were unaware of Watson’s actions. Not until the first lawsuit was filed.

    Deshaun Watson’s Accusations Continue

    Initially, there were 23 lawsuits filed against Watson from mid-March to mid-April of 2021. However, two more lawsuits have surfaced last week against the starting QB. The judge dismissed one case due to the grand jury not finding enough criminal charges. Additionally, these two other lawsuits will make these 24 cases against Watson. 

    Deshaun Watson continues to deny all the allegations relating to sexual assault. In an interview prior to joining the Browns, he openly denies all allegations. In so many words, he’s calling the women liars and standing his ground to attempt to continue to hold onto his legacy and character in the public eye.

    “What I can continue to do is tell the truth,” Watson stated. “And I have never assaulted, disrespected or harassed any woman in my life.”


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