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    Chrisean Rock’s Mental Health Struggles: “I’m Going To Pray & Fast Away My Darkness”

    Chrisean Rock news: A life of fame and luxury may afford us certain things in life. However, it can’t buy us happiness. Additionally, fame can’t fight Chrisean Rock’s mental health issues. For Crazy In Love star Chrisean Rock, the road to success and fame has been a lonely one.

    In a recent post, the star revealed to fans that she’s struggled with depression since childhood. Unfortunately, her notoriety only worsened her depression after her so-called friends and loved ones stopped supporting her. Now Rock has plans to spend this year praying and fasting away her inner demons.

    Chrisean Rock And Blueface Distanced Themselves

    While every star has endured the road to success, very few talk about how lonely that path can be. Though, reality TV star Chrisean Rock opened up to her followers in a whole new way. Recently, Rock took to Instagram to apologize for her behavior during a recent interview that resulted in a broken TV. Chrisean Rock and Blueface can’t seem to do away with the drama. Furthermore, in her lengthy post Rock revealed that she’s struggled with depression all her life. Even worse, she admitted to having suicidal thoughts as well.

    Though, her rise to fame seemingly made things worse for the star. Rock revealed that she started “losing people” after she became famous. She even herself from her loved ones. Even thought Chrisean Rock and Blueface have a chaotic relationship, she even admitting to distancing herself from him. Eventually, her “darkness” led her to drinking, which worsened her depression. Unfortunately, some people can’t handle fame.

    Pray & Fast Is Her New Motto

    In an attempt to improve herself, Chrisean Rock decided that she’d “pray & fast” more to do away with her “darkness.” Hopefully, that works out for the reality star in the end.


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