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    Chris Brown Reportedly Owes The IRS $4 Million Dollars

    Celebrities have to stop acting oblivious that the government & police don’t pay attention to their social media profiles. Just because freedom of speech & the 1st Amendment exists, it doesn’t mean you should always exercise them. Chris Brown just learned this lesson after showing off his new closet. The IRS saw the same video we saw and didn’t appreciate it.

    Things Ain’t “Breezy” Right Now

    According to Distracitfy, CB owes the IRS a lump sum of money. To be exact, it’s reportedly around $4 million. I would have fainted if I received a letter like that from the IRS. What’s even worse, if he doesn’t pay his debts, they can repossess his valuable assets, like his home and businesses.

    It’s actually pretty sad to see how common popular Black celebs have tax troubles. Everyone is familiar with Wesley Snipes’s battle with the IRS, where he owed $15 million. It was literally just last year when Kanye West told the world they froze his accounts after the IRS said he owed $50 million. How can these rich celebs not be more financially responsible?

    Handle Your Business

    Hopefully Chris Brown handles his business before it’s too late. The IRS does not play about their money and will do anything to get their payments. But in reality, I bet he’s not sweating one bit. He can just work for a month or two or do a tour, and he will be set.

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