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    China Is Scanning Faces to Stop Toilet Paper Thieves

    Ain’t this some shit…literally?

    China recently began a campaign to limit how much toilet paper people waste and/or steal from popular tourist destinations. In order to do this, they put in facial recognition machines. So if it detects you to be a “repeat customer”, the dispenser will limit how much toilet paper you use.

    According to Sputniknews, the shitter in question goes up to the machine and gets their face scanned. If the machine thinks you’re cool, it’ll dispense 27 inches of toilet paper. However, if your ass needs more cleaning, then you’ll have to wait an extra nine minutes before being given anymore–which can be scary for some.

    The technology is being implemented in order to cut down on waste and toilet paper theft. And since tourism is a major revenue for the country, they expect everything to be in tip-top shape. Zhan Dongmei, a researcher with the China Tourism Academy had this to say:

    “Today in China, people are highly enthusiastic about tourism, and we have entered a new era of public tourism. The expectation of the public for the toilet is becoming higher.”

    So, what do you think? Has technology gone too far? Or is this a great method to save resources? Drop a comment below and for more news, keep it locked to!

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