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    Chicago’s Elijah LeFlore Is Back With An Emotional E.P. ‘Midnight Summer”

    Let’s be honest. Chicago has received a terrible reputation due to popular media. From the perspective of the average person, they take the “Chi-raq” nickname way too seriously. They think every day there’s a shootout, and the city is just an active war zone. I’ve come to tell you to don’t believe everything you see on the Internet. Chicago has a lot to offer, with one of those things being rising artist Elijah LeFlore.

    Doing Things Different

    Not even focusing on the drill scene, but the Chi has produced a lot of outstanding talent over the years. There’s an entire group of young artists like Femdot and Saba who don’t get the recognition they deserve. But hopefully, Elijah LeFlore can be the artist to bridge that gap between hip-hop and R&B. If you don’t believe me, I dare you to listen to his debut album, Sunset Radio. There, he showed that he is very detail-oriented when it comes to the creation of his music because every moment of the project is brilliant. His follow-up release, Midnight Summer, recaptures the magic of his last project.

    Cinematic Music

    What people don’t know about Elijah is that he is also an award-winning filmmaker. And this project tells a full story from the front to the end. Starting from the intro track, you feel fully immersed in this album, as if you are being baptized in his vocals. Almost all the songs on this project have that dreamy feeling as if he is walking on clouds.

    Even though it has only been 8 months since his last release, in that short amount of time, Elijah has grown as a songwriter. I feel like I’ve got to know about him more than a person through his music. He never shies away from wearing his emotions on a sleeve and telling you how he truly feels. For example, the last track “Real Love” is a lovely ballad about him expressing affection for his lover. It kind of takes me back to the disco era of how upbeat and groovy it sounds.

    Overall, I’m glad I went through this project. It felt like a breath of fresh air from today’s music. I didn’t have to think too hard while listening and could sit back and enjoy the moment. What’s your favorite song off of Midnight Summer?

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