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    Chicago’s 2020 Releases Breakout New Visual, “Feels”: Watch

    Chicago’s intriguing new group, 2020, is bouncing around, shooting some b-ball outside of the school in the release of their latest visual, titled “Feels.” When a couple of girls are scooping out the trio’s play they instantly transition from the court to the bench and proceed to lay their game on strong. Shot by Brand1Films, with their love interest wrapped around their arms, the trio detail the type of emotions that are swirling through their mind and future plans they have in store for this new relationship.

    The new single is a homage to Chicago’s long publicized history and love for basketball and music. Produced by YoungAsko, the new single came naturally to the new group. Its organic feel is the perfect introduction and connection between the group and new fanbase as they navigate their way to the top of the charts with a signature style, persona and charisma.

    “Honestly, this song came out of thin air,” 2020’s Cartay says about the song’s creation. “I was gaming at home and listening to beats. I found this beat and I knew off top the first verse had to be crazy! From there, I later linked up with the guys and we just had fun with the track.”

    “Feels” is a building block for the trio of Cartay, Eazzy, and Rogy. Preparing newfound fans for the forthcoming project, scheduled for a late-2021 release, they plan to follow up the new release with more new music in the coming months. The song and visual are perfect origin points for any newfound fan. After the stream, stay up-to-date on everything 2020 on social media.

    As social media continues to lead the way for major exposure, the group plans to put great efforts into building its following on all platforms. What we have here is a group of content creators, the opportunities are endless. Watch the visual now, above.


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