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    Chicago Cubs Discriminates Against People in a Wheelchair

    The Chicago Cubs are being sued by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for an Americans with Disabilities Act. The Cubs franchise allegedly has discriminated against individuals with disabilities, especially people who use wheelchairs, reported Micahel McCann for Yahoo Sports. At Wrigley Field, the Department of Justice (DOJ) demands that the Cubs alter their stadium which is the second oldest stadium in the MLB.

    The stadium upgrades would not only cost millions but to reconstruct midway through the season seems a bit unrealistic. They’d have to modify one of the most historic stadiums throughout baseball. Not to mention, they would have to find a place to play in the meantime. This began with the Cubs’ 1060 Project. These upgrades would have cost millions upon millions of dollars. The dollars were geared to expanding seating, reinforcing structural supports, and adding fan amenities. This would enhance the gameday experience for many fans and specifically the ones in the premium club and luxury suites.

    “Significantly enhanced the gameday experience for many fans, particularly those able to take advantage of premium clubs and other luxury accommodations,” the DOJ stated.

    However, for the fans with disabilities, the feds emphasized how less welcoming and inconsiderate it truly is to them. In fact, the DOJ accused the Chicago Cubs of removing their best alternative for wheelchair-sitting people in the stadium. The regulations the Cubs are blatantly attempting to violate are the mandate that states Wrigley offers about 200 general admissions wheelchair seats. These seats should be dispersed throughout the stadium.

    Will the Chicago Cubs Cancel the Renovation?

    While the Cubs appear to be pandering to the customers and fans, they also seem to be attempting to exclude a group of people. While many may agree this isn’t the majority of where their sales come from it’s still not right. The Cubs possibly had no intent to send this message to the disabled. However, like many greedy individuals, they saw an opportunity and took it. This may cost them millions going forward and possibly risk the history and memories within Wrigley Field.

    “Made several offers to voluntarily further enhance accessible features of the ballpark,” The Cubs stated. “This includes seating, restrooms, concessions, and other key accessibility elements.”


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