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    Chance The Rapper’s Wife Tells Internet Trolls To Get A Life

    Some celebrity couples can handle backlash from the internet and simply walk away. However, others can’t. Recently, Chance The Rapper started trending this week after liking a tweet from a Trans adult entertainment site. Twitter immediately pounced on the Grammy-winning rapper and his wife Kirsten Corley Bennett. However, Bennett wasn’t having it. The mother of two clapped back at the haters, telling them “to go to Hell.”

    Twitter Tries To Accuse Chance The Rapper Of Cheating

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    Most people view Chance The Rapper as an all-around good guy. He gives back to the community and acts as a philanthropist. In addition to being a good rapper, he has a wife and two kids. On the outside looking in, he has the picture-perfect life. However, this week, Twitter painted an entirely different portrait of the rapper.

    Recently, Chance The Rapper went viral after liking a supposedly “sexually explicit” tweet posted by a Trans pornography site. Furthermore, the tweet asked users to choose which type of content they wanted to see more of; “dating,” “adult games,” and “webcam.” Furthermore, one Twitter user spearheaded the ensuing drama by tweeting, “Why is Chance The Rapper liking Trans Porn?”

    Of course, other users weighed in the rapper’s “like.” Some defended the Chicago rapper’s choice, while others made transphobic comments. However, some of them directed their commentary at his wife Kirsten Corley Bennett. People can truly be cruel on the internet.

                Kirsten Corley Bennett Shuts The Haters Down

    Apparently, Kirsten Corley Bennett caught wind of the comments made about her and clapped back at the haters On Friday, the mother of two took to social media to address her husband’s “like” on the Trans porn site, deeming it “not a big deal.” Furthermore, she explained that her husband accidently pressed the like button on the tweet. The two had spent the entire night out the day before.

    Additionally, she concluded her message to the internet trolls by telling them “to go to Hell.” Chance The Rapper himself hasn’t offered a response yet, but Bennett said enough for the both of them.





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