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    Carmelo Anthony Gets Another Chance In The NBA

    Carmelo Anthony Signs With The Trail Blazers

    Carmelo Anthony gets another chance in the league. Anthony received a call from the Trail Blazers on November 13th where he was offered a position on their team. League sources claim that Anthony signed a one-year veteran minimum contract, valued at $2.1 million, with the Blazers. Anthony is set to make his debut with the Blazers against the New Orleans Pelicans at 8 tonight.

    Anthony is no stranger to the NBA. At one point he was one of the league’s top scorers, having a career average of 24 points per game. Along with this, he was a 10-time all-star during his time in the NBA.

    Carmelo Anthony signs with the Trail BlazersWhat Will His New Role Entail?

    Throughout much of Carmelo Anthony’s career, he was the leader or main scoring option for his team. This is something that took a quick turn for him when the 2018 season began. After signing a one-year contract with the Houston Rockets he only ended up playing in 10 games. For 8 of these 10 games, Carmelo was coming off the bench.

    This was not a role that Anthony had anticipated taking part in. Due to this, he parted ways with the Rockets. Carmelo has not played in the league since this occurred in November of 2018. This has left many people wondering what Carmelo’s role with his new team will be.

    Can He Still Compete At A High Level?

    Not only are people left wondering what Anthony’s new role will entail, but many question how well he will be able to play. After scoring over 20 points for the entirety of his career in his last two seasons he averaged a career-low of 16.2 and 13.4 points per game.

    After reaching the Western Conference Finals last year the Trail Blazers have struggled to perform this season. So far they are off to a 5-9 start. Along with this, the Blazer’s frontcourt is lacking depth due to injuries of players such as Zach Collins and Jusuf Nurkic. This will allow Carmelo to have a bigger role with the team and showcase the skills he still has.

    Carmelo Anthony gets another chance in the league, but how will he be able to perform? Will Carmelo be able to contribute to his new team? Or will he struggle to fit in this role such as he did with the Houston Rockets?

    [UPDATE] Carmelo Started for the blazers and scored 10 points in his debut. He still showed his scoring touch but the rust was evident.

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