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    Cardi B Made $1 Million In Just Half An Hour

    Never one to back down from a fight, Cardi B has no problem shutting down the haters. The “Hot S**t” rapper warned the haters about trolling her and Offset in the wake of Takeoff’s death. Though, Cardi B’s recent exchange with a hater had nothing to do with the death of the Migos rapper but instead, her credibility as an artist. The Grammy-winning rapper set the record straight after sharing with her fanbase that she once made $1 million in just a half an hour.

    A Fan Tries To Downplay Cardi B’s Artistry

    Having a loyal fanbase can be a great way to build credibility. However, sometimes haters and internet trolls like to challenge a celebrity’s star power. Recently, a so-called fan attempted to mock Cardi B’s credibility as an artist in a Twitter post.

    Furthermore, Twitter user @antoniiogang, who shared a short clip of Cardi B’s performance at a private Art Basel performance in Miami, tried to downplay the rapper’s skills. “Not the Grammy winner performing in someone’s backyard,” the hater wrote. Clearly, this person was looking for a fight.

                Cardi B Shows Her Receipts

    Unfortunately, the Twitter user barked up the wrong tree after Cardi B showed her “receipts.” Furthermore, the “Money” rapper hit the internet troll with a screenshot of her contract with WP Touring, Inc., confirming the rate she’d been paid for her appearance at the Art Basel Miami festival.

    “I got paid $1 million dollars to perform at this elite banker’s event private event for 400 people and only for 35 minutes. THINK ABOUT THAT WHEN YOU TYPE ABOUT THIS GRAMMY WINNER,” Cardi B tweeted back. The star made the hater eat their own words.


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