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    Cardi B Goes Into Fangirl Mode Over Robert Pattinson

    It’s not every day that we have the honor of meeting our favorite idols. Even celebrities still dream of the day they can meet their favorite Hollywood star. Fortunately, Cardi B has reached new heights in her stardom after meeting Robert Pattinson. Like any proper millennial, Cardi B totally went into fangirl mode after meeting the critically acclaimed actor.

    Cardi B Loses It Over Robert Pattinson: Watch Her Go Full Fangirl Mode

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    Since Cardi B first rose to fame in the music industry back in 2017, she’s had the chance to meet great talents. The 29-year-old even had the pleasure of meeting Twlight’s Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen. Pretty sure every girl on the planet freaked out after learning that Cardi B met the heartthrob. Even the “Up” rapper herself went into major fangirl mode when meeting the actor.

    Furthermore, the chance encounter took place this past Thursday during an event that honored British Vogue’s editor-in-chief Edward Enninful. The star-studded event was hosted in the Ai Weiwei-designed UTA Artist Space in Beverly Hills. Everyone from Gabrielle Union to Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry attended the event.

    Amongst the group of stars, Cardi B and Robert Pattinson were also in attendance. The 29-year-old rapper posted a video on Twitter of them meeting each other for the first time.

    “Come on. Look at my friend, guys,” she said to the camera. Cardi B fixed her hair as Pattinson leaned into the frame.

    When the Twlight star stuck out his tongue, Cardi B screamed in excitement. Talk about the rapper going into full fangirl mode.

    The Rapper’s Friendship With YOU’s Penn Badgley

    fangirl mode
    via Yahoo Finance

    In addition to meeting Robert Pattinson, Cardi B also sparked a friendship with YOU’s Penn Badgley. The stars’ friendship began after a fan posted a throwback video of Badgley praising people who can navigate social media very well.

    “Cardi B is a great example of that. She has such an authentic relationship [with social media],” he said in the clip.

    Cardi B experienced another fangirl moment. She even expressed her excitement on Twitter and responded soon after.

    “OOOOMMFFFGGGGGG HE KNOWS ME !!! OMMMGGGG!!!!!! Yoooo like I’m famous famous,” she tweeted. Furthermore, Badgley responded back with a quote tweet “I-.”

    Ever since, the two have developed a friendship. Cardi B’s stardom has clearly reached a whole new level of fame.

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