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    Canadian Artist Jaz Valentino Pours Out His Pain In “Life Waters”

    The pandemic may have kept people indoors and bored out of their minds. On the up side, though, it helped some musician’s get in touch with their inner selves. For Canadian artist Jaz Valentino, the pandemic helped turn his pain into song.

    His sophomore album Jaz’s Blues (Side A), set for release April 29, explores the deeper, introspective side of Valentino’s psyche. Furthermore, the 8-track album discusses Jaz Valentino’s connection to his family and growing up in poverty. In particular, the focus track “Life Waters” touches on Valentino’s troublesome childhood.

    He Pours Out His Pain Into A Song

    Jaz Valentino’s debut album Day 7 helped put the triple threat artist on the map. Though, the Toronto artist’s sophomore album Jaz’s Blues (Side A) may just seal his place in the hip-hop scene. His leading songs off the album “Snowflakes” and “Wild Weeds” alone, brought in thousands of streams.

    More importantly, the album caters to Valentino using his master lyricism to craft an honest and introspective body of work. Every song off the album has recognizable rap and melodic tones, but his words captivate the listener.

    Mainly, Valentino talks about family life in many of his songs. Particularly, the focus track “Life Waters” touches on Valentino’s grandmother, who helped raise him throughout his childhood. The accompanying music video even features the artist’s real-life grandmother. His rap flow and sound evoke a sense of raw honesty from the artist. Additionally, Valentino both talks about and shows in the music video his life growing up in poverty. Furthermore, the songs carry a more melodic appeal that creates empathy from the listener.

    What Led Valentino To Create Jaz’s Blues (Side A)

    pours out his pain
    Jaz Valentino in basement setting

    Jaz Valentino makes it clear in the song “Life Waters” that he only speaks the truth, while he strategically pours out his pain. Much of Jaz’s Blues (Side A) caters to that particular sentiment, whereas the artist weaves pieces of his life and pain into his music.

    In speaking about the inspiration for his sophomore album, Valentino says, “the album is me venting my pain in its rawest form.” Over the last three years, the Toronto artist has faced challenges in his personal life, with his family and through his musical journey. Despite all that he’s faced, he hopes that the album will help others who’ve struggled with mental illness, poverty and the loss of a parent. We at HypeFresh hope to see more of Jaz Valentino’s work.

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