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    California Wild-Fires Forcing Celebs To Evacuate!!

    The fires in California are showing no mercy, not even to celebrities!

    The Gettyfires are happening right now in northern California. Thousands of people are being forced to leave their homes. Firefighters are fighting the fires but the damage is being felt. People are losing property including your favorite celebrity.

    Big-name celebrities such as Lebron James and Arnold Schwarzenegger are also experiencing the effects of the wildfires. James posted on Twitter Monday that he and his family had to be evacuated from their home. Due to the massive amount of people experiencing the same thing. The James clan was having a hard time finding a place to stay at 3:30 am as most hotels were booked up.

    Furthermore, Cruel intentions star Ryan Phillipe commented on James’s post. “Same” because he was having the same issue. Some people shared photos of what it looks like outside their homes. The moments right before they too were evacuated. NBC’s Natalie Morales shared a stunning photo of fires ranging right behind her home.California Wild-Fires

    Unlike celebrities, some of the residents in California are set to lose everything they Have.

    Additionally, Wildfires are a common problem for Californians.  This current fire has been going on for 6 days now and has already destroyed 60 homes. Even more, there is fear that powerful heavy winds could add to fuel the fires.

    For people like Swarteneager, this is a problem is a  professional one as well. The former governor was set to appear at Hollywood debut of Terminator Dark Night. However, the event was canceled due to the fires. Good did come from that though as the food that was prepared was donated to the red cross.

    People around the world are sending their hope and prayers to those in California.

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    Featured Image Credit: The wall street journal

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