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    BZRP: Argentinian Producer Making Music One Session At A Time

    Gonzalo Julian Conde, better known as Bizarrap or BZRP is an Argentinian music producer who’s worked with popular recording artists. BZRP started his media career by creating a YouTube channel with humorous content. On his channel, he uploaded videos from failed compilations where he called them “Combos Locos” or Crazy Combinations.

    Like any other kid, BZRP loved to hang out with friends and go to school. You could say he had an ordinary life. But he always had an interest in music. Even to the point where he used to serenade his family during gatherings. Having a peculiar voice, Gonzalo didn’t give up hope. He competed in various contests, but later noticed vocalizing wasn’t his strong suit.

    For The Love of Music

    His interest in electronic music began when he was barely 10 years old. Specifically when Conde listened to the song ‘Titanium’ by David Guetta on the radio. A song the left him stunned and amazed by the beats and show he could assimilate the sound to any instrument he knew. Moreover, Gonzalo looked up and found various production software and synthesizers to the point when he noticed that he could create unique musical pieces on these programs.

    In the beginning, Bizarrap mentioned his lack of interest in being famous hence he chose to his identity under a baseball cap. Little did he know, it would become his signature look. In a recent interview he said:

    “The first time I went with glasses I noticed that people did not recognize me. Later I had this beanie made and it is already like a half registered trademark. At first I was very shy and it served me much more, but today it is like I am calmer, did you see? And it’s also good to be able, what do I know, to be walking there in the street. Yesterday a little boy my age was listening to the new session, he looked at me and had no idea that it was me. Bizarrap is characterized by this, my face is very normal. ”

    Music Sessions

    Due to his rapid growth as a producer, he created a section on his YouTube titled BZRP Music Sessions. He immediately gained huge traction with his videos gaining a million views in a single day. He then started uploading them to Spotify. The first session was published in November 2018, featuring Kodigo.

    To this day he continues to post his music sessions, with the latest featuring Puerto Rican artists Anuel AA and Nicky Jam.



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