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    Buzzer attracts Michael Jordan, Gretzky, & Mahomes

    Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, & More invest in Buzzer App

    Athlete investors pool around Buzzer App. Sports app has all the buzz as prolific athletes begin investing their money into the sports app. The app includes live update notifications and access to live content through micropayments. The app hopes to attract the young audience. A younger audience is used to micropayments due to video games and more. Another big audience for the app will be those who engage in sports betting. Gamblers can tune into live content for a small window to grab an update or info that could alter their betting habits.

    Buzzer Investors

    Athlete investors pool their money for investments into sports app, Buzzer.
    Buzzer | Twitter

    Athlete investors have already been accumulating around the sports app, Buzzer. Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky & Naomi Osaka invest in the beta live-streaming sports app, Buzzer. Additional athletes have invested. They include Patrick Mahomes and DeAndre Hopkins, and basketball stars Devin Booker, LaMelo Ball and Sabrina Ionescu. Not to be left behind, team owners also jumped in on the action. Team owners included Joe Lacob from the Golden State Warriors, the Tampa Bay Lightning’s Jeffrey Vinik, and Lerner Enterprises, Washington Nationals. Fortunately, the app has already garnered $ 20 million in  funding from investors.

    Buzzer App, highly sought after in investments

    Buzzer App
    Athlete investors pool their money for investments into sports app, Buzzer.
    Buzzer | Twitter

    Buzzer is set to jump into the streaming content world but offer additional useful additives. The app sends real-time notifications to its users. Notably, athlete investors already see value in app. And, consumers are able to purchase streaming content. They do so by using “Buzzer Moments,” a micropayment system specific to the platform. Next, consumers set up customized multisport alerts, get notifications and tune in to live game action for a fee starting at 99 cents for 10 minutes. Furthermore, the app hopes to capitalize on the young consumers that have already been inudated with in-app Micropayments.

    Bo Han, Buzzer’s CEO Regarding the App

    Bo Han, CEO of the company, is already working to accumulate rights to sports content as the app enters it’s BETA phase. Upon its full release, later this year, Han hopes to have a large content pool for users.

    “there is a generational gap when it comes to consumption of live sports. You have the older generation that is still consuming live longform that’s optimized for linear television, and then you have the younger generation, who are trained to watch highlights in clips, whether it be on Twitter, or Instagram, or TikTok, or any of the other social channels.”

    – Bo Han, Buzzer’s founder and chief executive officer

    Bo Han, Buzzer
    Bo Han, CEO of new sports app. Athlete investors pool their money for investments into sports app, Buzzer.
    Buzzer | Twitter

    Further more, the app hopes to serve that younger audience, they believe other sports apps are missing out on. Moreover, Buzzer wants to reach that younger audience because they are used to short form media, giving them what they need quickly so that they can jump into the next thing. By targeting younger consumers, the app hopes to translate the popularity from TiKTok to Buzzer app.

    Additionally, “Through hyper-personalization, notifications, and micropayments, mobile-first basketball fans will have the opportunity to watch all the amazing moments that happen night after night, driving greater viewership, engagement, and value for the NBA.”

    Currently, Buzzer is available for download on iOS in the App Store and Android in the Google Play Store. However, the app is in is currently in early access BETA and full app access will be released announced later this year.


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