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    Brooklyn Nets Gives Lakers Cold Shoulder About Trade Packages

    It appears the relationship between the Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving is slowly disintegrating. According to Adrian Wojnarowski for ESPN , the Los Angeles Lakers are the only team interested in a sign-and-trade with Irving. While Irving has proven to be one of the greatest talents the NBA has ever seen. Many recognize him for being a toxic teammate at times. Many teams may have use for him or want him on the team. However, not many are willing to risk the future of their team to get him. Unfortunately, Irving is stuck in a predicament he’s made for himself. 

    “Outside of the Lakers, there are currently no known teams planning pursuit of sign-and-trades for Nets G Kyrie Irving. No sign-and-trades can be formally discussed until after 6 PM on Thursday. Brooklyn isn’t believed to have interest in available Lakers packages.”

    Brooklyn Nets expert Shams Charania discusses potential outcomes for the Brooklyn Nets, as well as, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. He believes the time between the Nets and Irving is extremely slim and unlikely to come to a happy medium.

    “There’s an expectation that Kyrie Irving will now proceed shortly into finding a new home via an opt-in-and-trade potential situation,” Charnia stated.

    What does the future of the Brooklyn Nets Look Like?

    Due to the deterioration of Irving and the Nets, many are skeptical of future HOFer Kevin Durant’s future in Brooklyn as well. Initially, Durant came to Brooklyn to play alongside Irving; however, after hearing about the possible departure this may cause uncertainty going forward.

    While this is terrible news for Brooklyn, this is great news for the Los Angeles Lakers. There’s a high chance for a LeBron James and Irving reunion partnered alongside Anthony Davis. The last time these two phenoms played together, they conquered an NBA Championship coming back down 3-1 to the Golden State Warriors in 2016. The Lakers struggled with star PG Russell Westbrook last season. However, they possibly have found the solution and better puzzle pieces to fit Davis and James.

    It seems the partnering of Irving and James is inevitable as that relationship appears to have been rekindled between the two. However, this may be unrealistic as the Nets continue to disapprove of any potential trade packages the Lakers are offering.


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