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    Britney Spears ‘New Life Ahead’ Blames Mom For Conservatorship

    ‘She Secretly Ruined My Life’

    If being a part of the Spears’ family was not enough, now the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” artist, Britney Spears, blames her mom, Lynne Spears, for the conservatorship that gave her father, Jaime Spears, legal control of her life for 13 years.

    Not until recently, the court ruled on the case and ordered the immediate removal of her father from her conservatorship.

    A deleted post taken down by the pop star, shared on Instagram on Tuesday, Nov. 2, and captured by Page Six, brought the celebration to the end of her conservatorship as she expressed some frustration with her mom. The singer started the post to acknowledge her happiness; however, Spears’ concerns with her mom ultimately, she believes, her role in the conservatorship.

    What Does Britney Have To Say?

    The Grammy winner talked about her mom’s behavior and accused her of ‘acting weird.’ In the post, she wrote, “Pssss my dad may have started the conservatorship 13 years ago…but what people don’t know is that my mom is the one who gave him the idea !!!”

    “I will never get those years back…she secretly ruined my life…and yes I will call her and Lou Taylor out on it…so take your whole ‘I have NO IDEA what’s going on” attitude and go f*** yourself!!!!'”

    The “Slave For You” artist not only calls out her mom for her behavior but also addresses her former business manager, Lou Taylor, for being a person she couldn’t trust. From reading the top to bottom of what Britney Spears had to say, fans learned that her parents all are not so perfect after all. What many did not know was what she had been experiencing her whole life.

    Brittany Spears had more feelings to dish about and she did not want to sugarcoat it one bit.

    “You know exactly what you did…my dad is not smart enough to ever think of a conservatorship…but tonight I will smile knowing I have a new life ahead of me!!!”

    Her Fresh Start Begins

    The singer has been through a lot, and it’s about time Brittany Spears gets to enjoy life the way she wants. The hearing to formally removing her father from the conservatorship is set for Nov. 12. Until then, it’s a time of healing and living life to the fullest for this pop star.


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