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    Brent Faiyaz Dives Into Toxic Situations With New Album Wasteland

    Brent Faiyaz dives into toxic situations with new album Wasteland. The underground sensation turned international phenomenon Brent Faiyaz is back. Wasteland is here, a project catered to another side of ourselves. Brent Faiyaz’s new album is a 19-track compilation that gives us brutal honesty in the smoothest fashion.

    The Evolution of Brent Faiyaz

    Brent Faiyaz has become a mega star since his earlier underground days. The genre-less artist emerged on the scene with his bold and hypnotic sound. Singles like “Allure” and “F*ck The World” proved he wasn’t the average R&B singer. His talent of mixing hard beats with detailed lyrics gave a sound unheard of. After much critical acclaim he was featured on the viral Goldlink’s single “Crew”. Also apart of the group Sonder, he continued releasing alluring and innovative music. Creating the independent label Lost Kids with manager Ty Baisden, Brent is in full control of everything involved with his music.

    Brent is an artist who lives the life he speaks of with lyrics that are all too relatable. Wasteland comes at a time when the world “toxic” is used so fluently. Touching on baby mama drama, fake people and surrendering to our vices, this project becomes a form of vulnerability and reflection. Filled with skits and intros like “Villain’s Theme” the project peaks into the persona of Faiyaz. A dope feature from Tyler The Creator on “Gravity” reminds us of the crooner Brent we’ve grown to know and love.  The album continues giving more moments of reality with the “Wake Up Call”. It’s almost hard to tell whether or not this is a fantasy character or really Brent recalling personal trauma.

    Wasteland is another depiction of Brent that is pleasantly surprising. Fans everywhere have the opportunity to witness Brent in his most vulnerable state. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Brent bares his soul with Wasteland. Stream the latest release everywhere.

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