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    Brandon Browner Gets 8 Yeras in Prison for Trying to Kill His Ex

    Something must be in the Gatorade, because these athletes are going NUTS!

    After being held behind bars since July, Brandon Browner is going right back. The quarterback was sentenced to eight years in prison after he tried to kill his ex-girlfriend. Browner pled no contest to 1 count of attempted murder and 2 counts of willful child endangerment.

    On the night of the incident, Browner broke into his ex’s apartment, where he then proceeded to chase her down and wrap her in a carpet like a mummy, cutting off her circulation. The ordeal took place on July 8, in La Verna, CA, while her two children watched.

    Browner is a 34-year-old former quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. He has played in two Super Bowls throughout his career, both times facing a win.

    That’s all over now.

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