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    Boosie Badazz Insults Another Fraternity

    At this point, its almost expected for Baton Rogue rapper Boosie Badazz to cause controversy. While the rapper loves comedy and entertainment, he often attracts bad press. For the better part of 2021, the rapper has spent his time cyber bullying Lil Nas X. Now it seems the star has turned a new leaf.

    A few weeks back, he announced that he planned to enroll in Jackson University soon. It seemed like the Baton Rogue rapper was on his way to making a positive change in his life. Unfortunately, that hope quickly went south after Boosie Badazz insulted yet another college fraternity. Will he ever learn?

     Boosie Badazz Pisses Off The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity

    via Hiphop Mag

    Trouble is Boosie Badazz’s middle name. Once again, the rapper went out of his way to stir up more controversy for himself. The guy thrives off drama. Recently, the radio host Akademiks uploaded a video to his Instagram page of Badazz proudly flaunting his Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity jacket. The gesture seemed innocent enough at first glance. Clearly, Badazz’s excited about returning to college life.

    However, Badazz’s blatant display at wearing a Fraternity jacket comes as a direct violation to the Fraternity. Accordingly, any person caught wearing any artifact belonging to a Greek organization, who’s not a member, is against the rules. Unfortunately, Badazz does things on his own free will.

                The Fans Dragged The Rapper On Social Media

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    Rather than fans praising the rapper, they instead dragged him all over social media. One disgruntled user especially expressed his disdain at the rapper for wearing the fraternity jacket.

    “Ok Alphas do NOT engage that n****a boosie… you will give him what he wants… attention and then you will give that bulls**t life . . . do not repost it and don’t comment . . . ignore him . . . Fraternally, Fall 01 #December4th #AlphaPhiAlpha.”

    It’s plain to see that Badazz messed up again. Unfortunately, the rapper made the same mistake twice.

    Back in 2020, he wore the Kappa Alpha Phi’s fraternity jacket and received major backlash. Not only did the fans rag on the rapper, but the fraternity also had a few choice words for the rapper. At the time, Badazz apologized. Looks like Boosie Badazz doesn’t follow the rules. That might pose a real problem for him in college.


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