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    Blame Ben Simmons for Sixers loss, end of playoffs?

    Game Recap: Sixers lose to the Hawks, Playoff run over. 96-103 (7 point loss)

    Despite, dominating in the first quarter, momentum was lost as the Hawks took the lead in the remaining three quarters. For the Sixers, shots hit the rim and bounced out, turnovers happend, and Simmons refused to make crutial shot. All of this culminated in their loss to a team they could have easily beat if they had not given up the last two games. Philadelphia’s loss ends their playoff run and many blame Simmons.

    Embiid Speaks Blames Ben Simmons for Ultimate Loss to Hawks

    Joel Embiid pens aplogy letter to fans.

    The sixers lose to Hawks signalling the end of their playoff run. When asked about what he thought the turning point of the game was that resulted in the devastating loss for the Sixers, Embiid had a clear moment in his head. And while he didn’t name names, it is obvious to anyone,who watched the game, who he is talking about.

    Blame Ben Simmons for Sixers loss, end of playoffs
    Ben Simmons blamed for Loss against Hawks which resulted in the end of the playoffs for the 76ers. Philadelphia 76ers | Twitter

    “I’ll be honest. I thought the turning point was when we, I don’t know how to say it, is when we had an open shot and we made one free throw,”

    Of course, the moment he is talking about is when Ben Simmons had an open clear shot that he did not take.  With the Hawks trailing by two points with 3:30 remaining in the game, Simmons spun past Danilo Gallinari. Simmons had a clean look at the basket. But instead of making the shot, Simmons did what he always did, passed it to one of teammates. Tobias Harris, received the pass, missed the shot, and was fouled. Then, Harris split the free throws. Take a look, below, for yourselves.

    Had he just went to the basket himself, Ben could have made an easy shot to put more points on the board. That lack of action during the playoffs was a pattern for Simmons and his lack of agressiveness scoring only 5 points in the game was unacceptable. It just seems he didn’t want it as much as his teammates and phoned in his performance. Now, his teammates are calling him out. Simmons is called out and blamed for loss.

    Is he to blame? Should Simmons be traded?

    And, while he wasn’t the only one responsible, Simmon’s inaction directly impacted the game. His inaction, yet again, was one of the predicators of the loss. However, if Simmons had made the shot, the Sixers could have won. The momentum would have changed. Things may have turned out different. But, they didn’t.

    Joel Embiid blames Ben Simmons for loss against the Hawks in Game 7, which resulted in the end of their playoff run. Philadelphia 76ers | Twitter

    Now, fans hope Ben Simmons is traded. And, really can you blame them? One thing is clear. Despite rooting them on, the Sixers just don’t have a championship in them and fans hope that changes next season but are skeptical.


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