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    Black Love Day: Five Last Minute Finds For Him On Valentine’s Day

    BLACK LOVE DAYBlack love is goals for everyone. Healthy couples celebrate all year, being that both partners put in the work. Yes, ladies, both partners! Although women expect to receive showers of flowers and chocolate-covered strawberries on the 14th, brothers want their flowers too! Not necessarily actual flowers, but you know what I mean. Men are pretty simple beings when it comes to gifts and thoughtfulness. Most men would be just as happy with a pair of socks than a pair of expensive shoes. That doesn’t mean get the man a pair of socks, but you catch my drift!

    Being selfless in relationships create healthy environments for love to flourish. So if you haven’t gotten your man a gift for V-day, there is still time! Even on Valentine’s Day.

    Here are a few thoughtful ideas to make your man smile on the day for lovers.

    5 Last Minute Finds For Black Men on V-Day

    1. Game Passes – Like most men, playing the game after work to relax is a safe place. Video games are decompressing for most men, especially Black men who face more challenges in society. Grab your debit card! According to How To Geek you can pay a $10 monthly fee to help your man relax.
    2. Cologne— Sounds cliche, but it’s really not. Black men love to smell good. It is apart of their identity. Help your man smell good for you at dinner, sis. You can stop by your local store to pick up some smell good and a card.
    3. Write a love letter— Technology is booming, leaving no space for written thoughts. Tell your man how happy he makes you on notebook paper. And don’t forget to seal it with a kiss.
    4. Organize his closet space— The small things do count, ladies. Men usually seem to be a little more sloppy when it comes to organization. He’s probably on the go so there may be some things strewn over the closet floor.
    5. Book a facial— You’re probably feeling like you’ve waited until the last minute, so booking a last minute facial will be impossible. Nope. Receipts matter! If there is a local beauty school near you, book an appointment for various spa services! The spa will assign a student at a fraction of the cost! Plus, the detail will be greater because students are working for good grades. Students are shadowed by instructors to make sure your man has a true spa experience.

    Don’t let being last minute be an excuse, ladies! Happy Valentine’s Day.



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