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    Black Lives Matter Protestor Saves Injured Far-Right Man

    In London, a black protestor by the name of Patrick Hutchinson saved a right-wing demonstrator. Hutchinson said he found the man on the ground being attacked by protestors, and protected him. Apparently the right-wing demonstrator was being dragged through the crowd and was then thrown onto the steps of a building. Hutchinson then lifted the man over his shoulder and carried him to safety. Following this, he handed the man off to police officers.

    The right-wing demonstrators were there to protect certain statues from being harmed. However, they started to act offensively towards the Black Lives Matter protestors. This is when things started to get ugly at the protests as people got more and more violent. Hutchinson stated when asked why he saved the man, that he just wants “equality for all”. He says that if he didn’t jump in to save the man, then it would have gotten pretty bad. Hutchinson also knew it would look bad on the Black Lives Matter campaign if a white man was seriously injured at a protest.

    The white man did not say anything to the people who helped him, and none of them have heard from him since. Hutchinson is now looked at as a hero and is setting examples for protests. He said he wanted to save his life and also save the Black Lives Matter campaign as well. It would have been easy for Hutchinson to watch the man suffer, but he chose to help instead.

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