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    Black History Month: African American Health And Wellness

    AFRICAN AMERICAN HEALTH AND WELLNESSIt’s Black History Month! For the month of February, we will all delve into Black culture and the making Black history. Yes, this month is a getaway for Black people to be proud; however, there are other issues we should highlight. Issues like Black health and wellness. We must resolve these issues in our own communities before we step out into the world. African American justice also includes optimum health and wellness. Where do we find the strength to stand out and protest or work jobs as minorities? The farmer’s market. African American people are in first place when it comes to diabetes, hypertension and obesity. Let’s discuss it.

    The Urgency of Black Health and Wellness

    For African American people, food is a commonplace of love and comfort. Unfortunately, a lot of those foods are rich in sugar, fat and salt. Salt is a natural resource that enhances food flavors, in small amounts can be good for balance, according to Queensland Government. However, table salt is the worst salt to incorporate in a diet. Himalayan salt, black salt, rock salt, pink salt and unicorn salt contain minerals that are good for the body. Although these are better than plain table salt, they are still salts that shouldn’t be over consumed.

    Another culprit is sugar. A good home cooked meal is no good without a red velvet cake, candied yams and sweet potato pie. Desserts are like peace offerings at African American family gatherings. Although those sweets are lavish in favor, they contain an outrageous amount of artificial sugars. According to Harvard Health Publishing, too much sugar can lead to cardiovascular disease. Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners are warming, especially when the weather gets cold. Nevertheless, our culture can sometimes kill us. Incorporating more fruit and vegetables, deleting salt and artificial sugars can save Black lives.


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