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    Black Death? 2 Pneumonic Plague Cases In China

    2 People in Beijing have confirmed cases of the Pneumonic Plague AKA Black Death!

    According to multiple reports, 2 people in China have the Pneumonic Plague. The disease is highly contagious and highly fatal when left untreated. If you are unfamiliar with the term plague just think Black death or the medieval times in Europe.

    A common misbelief is that the Plague was cured. However, according to WHO from 2010-2015 over 3000 cases were reported worldwide including 584 deaths. Those numbers are small compared to the estimated 50 million people who died during the middle ages. 2 Pneumonic Plague Cases In China-1

    In China Alone there have been at least 5 deaths since 2015.

    Just last May two other people died from another form of the plague. In the instance, a couple died from the bubonic plague after eating raw marmot kidney. The bubonic plague affects the lymph nodes while the Pneumonic Plague affects the lungs with the latter being the most severe.

    Due to its highly contagious nature, extreme measures are taken when any reported plague incidents happen. For example, when a man died from the disease in 2014, 151 people were quarantined. Additionally, another 30,000 weren’t allowed to leave the small town they lived in.

    Even more, the CDC has said that Drug Resistance Germs are on the rise. This could cause major problems going forward. WHO has called the plague as a re-emerging disease. With these two situations and the melting of the ice caps releasing millennia-old bacteria. The human race could be killed off at the hand of diseases alone.

    Hopefully, something can be done to stop the plague before it really gets started. If not we may have a literal walking dead situation our hands. Maybe the recent interest in zombie movies was actually a preview of what’s to come!

    What do you guys think? Are we about to have another Black Death period? Or Has science come too far to let that happen?

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    Image Credit: Forbes

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