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    Bird Smuggler (and 70 Birds) Caught at JFK Airport

    On Saturday, a Guyanese citizen tried to smuggle 70 finches into the United States. How? By stuffing the birds in plastic hair rollers then packing them in a black duffel bag. Seriously.

    Although the suspect was caught, authorities believe he’s just one of a recent trend of finch smugglers. The reason lies in the underground singing contests where gamblers would place bets on a bird’s chirping skills.

    Crazy yes, but it can rake in some serious dough: A winning male finch can sell for up to $10,000! That’s not including the prize money one can get from participating in these events.

    But before you go around stealing birds, note that bird smuggling poses a threat to the economy and public health. According to U.S Customs, the 2015 Avian Flu had caused $850 million in damages and the death of 50 million turkeys.

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