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    Bill Gates Investment May Stop Global Warming

    A Company that Billionaire Bill Gates invested in may have made a scientific breakthrough that ends global warming!!

    A new company has emerged that says it has found a way to use solar power to solve the fossil fuel problem. California based Heliogen is a clean energy startup that is looking to change the clean energy game. The company was founded by Bill Gross and invested in by Bill Gates.

    The company says it has found a way to use AI and Mirrors to create a solar oven. Solar energy has been around for a while, the problem has always been generating enough energy to produce high temperatures. However, Heliogen says it has figured this out.

    By using AI to adjust the mirrors to focus the solar energy to a certain target. Heliogen has been able to make enough energy to create over 1000 degrees of heat. This is important because industries such as steel and cement making need these high temperatures.Bill Gates Investment May Stop Global-1

    Furthermore, this has a huge impact on the global warming problem because the cement industry alone accounts for 7% of emissions.

    Additionally, when perfected this technology could be used to make temperatures that allow hydrogen to be spilt from water molecules. These split hydrogen molecules can be used to heat homes, power cars, and even power a factory.

    Heliogen is still a private company at this point and states it will need more investment to get to where they want to go. The owner states that the next phase will be to show how their techniques can be used in bigger situations. Some talks are going on behind the scenes and the first customers will be announced soon.

    However, there is optimism that companies will see the financial benefit of working with sunlight which is free versus fossil fuels. Customers will start pouring in quickly. Even more, the fact that Heliogen uses AI is another reason companies will be able to increase profit using his method.

    This type of technology is needed going forward. Whether you believe it or not, global warming is real. Also, it’s fact humanity can’t live off of fossil fuels forever. Finding a sustainable energy source is not only a problem for this generation but future ones as well. Hopefully, this is just the beginning

    What do you guys think? Will this change the game?

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