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    Best Rap Albums/Songs To Blast Pre-Protest/Loot

    What Rap Albums are in your Pre-protest/loot playlist?

    People who protest/loot may not be your favorite right now, especially if you were hoping the quarantine would end soon. Like them or not, those people have a job to do, and we have the music they need to get ready to do their job.

    As noted before, protesting and looting aren’t for the faint of heart. For those with the courage to participate, a little music can go a long way. Here is our list of songs/albums to listen to pre-protest/loot.

    Meek Mill-Dreams and Nightmares Intro

    As a Philly native, there is clear bias, but everyone can admit this song puts you in the mood to conquer life.

    Public Enemy-Any Song really but (Fight the power)

    The group is called Public enemy, come on, man. It’s doesn’t get any simpler.

    M.O.P- Ante Up

    Listen, if you are purely going out to loot and steal, this song will have you ready to rob your momma.

    N.W.A- F*K The Police.

    Not everyone is a fan, but some people feel this way

    Dead Prez- Entire Collection Really( Police State)

    Dead Prez is sadly underrated as an artist and activist, and their music catalog is full of revolutionary messages.

    Buddy ft A$ap Ferg-Black

    Not really about protesting or looting, but still can be used for a needed reminder of why you are involved.

    While this is in no way a complete pre-protest/loot playlist, it offers an excellent foundation. Some honorable mention songs that didn’t make it include: IDGT-Kevin Gates, Black, and Proud-James Brown, and We are the world-Michael Jackson.

    What about you guys, though, are you planning to protest/loot? If so, did you like our pre-protest/loot playlist? Are you not planning to protest/loot because our playlist sucks?

    Let us know in the comments.


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