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    Berna Blew Up The Stage With His Vevo ROUNDS Performances

    New artists get discovered everyday. In the mist of a pandemic, new talents have worked harder than ever to promote their name. British rapper Berna certainly has put in the work and long hours to release his music. The young emcee blew up the UK’s Drill scene with his explosive freestyle verses. Berna’s most memorable freestyle performance happened on [email protected] The platform caters to the discovery of new, fresh talent and highlights promising acts like Berna. The rapper had been 16 years old at the time he reached massive notoriety. Recently, the British rapper blew up the stage his Vevo ROUNDS Performances.

                    How Bernoulli Ganda Became Berna

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    Like his music, Bernoulli Ganda aka Berna’s backstory starts off with major hook. Hailing from Eastern London, Berna jumpstarted his career as teenager with a legendary [email protected] freestyle back in 2016. At the time, the aspiring rapper had no professional musical experience. Though, that didn’t stop him from dominating every freestyle platform out there. People eventually caught on to the lyrical finesse and overall rap poweress Berna possessed. Everyone wanted a piece of him, including publications like COMPLEX, XXL and GRM Daily. Furthering his passion for rap music, the rapper released a handful of tracks and EP’s like “Bait” ft. Kwengface and his mixtape Poor Little Rich Kid. Recently, Berna released his new single “No Sweat” and the accompanying music video. According to fans, the song is an instant banger and we at Hypefresh wholeheartedly agree. With tracks like “No Sweat” and others, we can expect to hear more from the British rapper.

                     His Inspiration Comes From Tragedy

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    With some much talent, fans are dying to know just where Berna gets his inspiration. Like most talents, however, their talent stems from harsh realities. In speaking with GRM Daily, the aspiring rapper revealed that his raps come from life’s hardships. “Yeah, I feel like, When I rap people can relate to it because man’s just talking the realness really . . . Especially if you are from where I’m from, you know what man’s talking about. . . . I get fans that say, ‘I felt that one,” the rapper told GRM Daily. Though, Berna doesn’t just draw inspiration from his everyday life. The young emcee’s grief over the death of his older brother Champion also influences his music.

    Berna’s sibling also aspired to become a big-time rapper and often went by the stage name Chrome. Like Berna, Chrome music started to gain massive exposure. However, Chrome’s dreams ended when he was murdered back in 2013. Berna’s brother had been stabbed several times in broad daylight. To cope with the death of his brother, Berna started rapping. “100 per cent it’s been tough since Champion’s death but putting my thoughts all down on paper and being able to rap about it makes it easier.” The “No Sweat” rapper plans to carry on his brother’s legacy. In his first freestyle video released on YouTube, the rapper shares the heartbreak over losing his brother. The video gained 115,000 views alone. Berna’s affinity for exposing his emotional scares makes him a relatable talent.

                           Berna Blows Up Vevo’s Stage

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    When it comes to East London rapper Berna, he’s not afraid to give audiences his all. The young emcee has become one of the biggest rap stars in the UK Drill scene. Fans even recognize him for his cool punchlines. Additionally, his social media following just continues to grow day by day. It’s no wonder Berna hasn’t sold out concerts yet. While the star hasn’t started touring yet, he has given some pretty explosive stage performances.

    In fact, Berna recently blew up Vevo’s ROUNDS stage. The British rapper performed his two biggest singles “Bait” ft. Kwengface and “Da Outro.” The Vevo music series definitely let fans see Berna in a different light.

    His performance of “Da Outro”, however, stole the show. Towards the end of the song, the rapper looks up to the ceiling, giving a shout out to his older brother Champion. His brother’s influence heavily inspires him and his music. We hope to see Berna continue his brother’s legacy.




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