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    Ben Simmons Out at least 2 Weeks

    Ben Simmons Injures Back

    All-Star Ben Simmons is expected to miss an extended amount of time as the result of a back injury. Simmons suited up against the Milwaukee Bucks this past Saturday but left the game after less than five minutes of play. It was reported that Simmons stopped playing due to back soreness, and received X-rays in the locker room. This injury is could be a major blow to the 76ers roster.

    This is right after Simmons did not play against the Brooklyn Nets last week due to lower back tightness. One would hope that this was just a 1-2 game injury. Unfortunately, it looks like Simmons will be out for longer than that.

    Timeline for Simmons’ Return

    The 76ers have not put a specific timeline on the return of Ben Simmons just yet. But Simmons’ back injury is going to be re-evaluated in two weeks. It is unlikely that Simmons will be ready to return at this time.
    One might prefer that Ben Simmons makes a speedy return, but I believe it would be smarter to wait instead and play it safe. The team has a strong enough roster to hold it down with solid play during Simmons’ time away. Instead of further aggravating a minor injury, it is likely that the team will allow Ben to rest and heal his back properly.

    Ben Simmons

    If this team can stay healthy for the end of the season, there is no telling how far they will be able to go. The Philadelphia 76ers have quite a talented roster. When they are all able to play together at 100 percent, they can compete with any team in the league.

    Final Thoughts

    It is sad to see the Sixers have to deal with another injury. Thankfully Ben Simmons’ back injury doesn’t seem too bad. It would be smart for him to get some needed rest and return fully healthy. Hopefully, Simmons will be ready to go for the final part of the season, allowing for Philadelphia to make their way into the playoffs and make a solid run.

    What are your guy’s thoughts though?

    Is this team destined to be plagued by injuries? Or do you think this is just a minor set back that won’t have too large of an effect on the outcome of the season?

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