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    2-Episode finale; 10 Flash Easter Eggs + Bart Allen

    Bart Allen on 2-Episode finale; Flash Easter Eggs

    Bart Allen on 2

    2-Episode Finale, “Heart of the matter,” Exploring the 10 Flash Easter Eggs.

    Flash’s 150th, 2-episode finale, “Heart of the matter” is four days away. During the trailer, Barry and Iris’s kids are reunited. Fans finally get Bart Allen. Even more, the trailer dropped 10 cool flash easter eggs for fans of the show and comics. First of the flash easter eggs is of course, Bart Allen played here by Jordan Fisher.

    1. Bart Allen

    Bart Allen
    CW released the trailer containing many flash easter eggs. Let’s explore it more closely. First, watch the trailer below.

    2. 2-Episode Finale, Plot: Godspeed Clones

    According to the trailer, the episode continues the storyline of the Godspeed clones and the threat against Flash. However, the Godspeed civil war should be happening in Barry’s future time but it is happening in Barry’s time. There’s a possibility that Barry Allen’s kids, Bart Allen and Nora Allen messed up the timeline cause their arrival in Barry’s time. Possibly, they could be back again looking for their father to bail them out.

    3. Barry Allen & Iris West-Allen’s Children

    Barry Allen & Iris West-Allen

    Starting out, Barry Allen and Iris West-Alen’s children are here. Instead, of the comic book tornado twins (Don and Dawn), CW’s The Flash includes a Nora Allen and Bart Allen as Barry Allen’s child instead of great grandchild. The network and writers could be making adjustments and shortcuts since everyone wants to see Bart Allen on the Flash TV series. Because, they are set to wrap up the show soon.

    4. Iris West-Allen: Mysterious Illness

    Iris West-Allen

    A working theory of why their children may be visiting in the episode could be that due to traveling back into the past timeline that the two have done. As a result, there may be timeline issues. Some evidence to support this theory is whatever is going on with Iris. In the last episode, she was specified as suffering form some kind of illness that had her body fragmenting through timelines. The only fix was Stillforce (Deon) stablizing her. What if something they did through traveling is now threatening her existence?


    Another possible theory to her mysterious illness could be her pregnancy. Maybe, Iris is experiencing all the forces due to pregnancy of a speedster baby.  Also, it’s been confirmed that Iris is a speedster again in the finale so maybe that is further evidence. It would explain how she gained speedster powers.

    5. Nora is back.

    Nora is back

    Last season, Nora’s character was effected as she no longer exists. Due to a future without Cicada’s dagger, a new timeline has been cemented erasing her existence from the current timeline. However, in the trailer, it is clear she is back. Especially, Nora was seen giving her father several warnings. Could something in the future cause her timeline to be restored? It would explain how their one child became two. For example, flashpoint changed Diggle’s kids.

    Additional Flash Easter Eggs & Moments from the 2-episode finale


    6. “I need to finish this fight.”

    -Barry Allen

    Clearly, Barry is talking about the clones and the real Godspeed. Thus, signifying wrapping up the storyline. With the help from his children, they may be able to set things right or create even more problems given Bart’s impulsivity.

    7. Flash ring makes another appearance.

    Flash ring

    8. Barry Allen & His Children’s Lightning Colors

    OG Flash

    9. 2-Episode Finale, Guest Appearances

    In addition to John Wesley Ship’s return as Jay Garrick/OG Flash, is another familiar face. Also, making a return appearance is Carlos Valdez as Vibe/Cisco Ramon.

    Jay Garrick: OG Flash

    Barry Allen

    As seen in the above screenshots, OG Flash, Jay Garrick is seen surrounded by Godspeed clones. This is post crisis, so is Garrick now on earth prime or did the clones go back in time to ciphen speedforce energy from him? Also, what about his sacrafice in Crisis on Infinite Earth?

    Barry Allen 2

    Barry Allen to Iris West-Allen

    10. “Tragedy follows us everywhere.” & “We need to break the chain.”

    -Barry Allen to Iris West-Allen

    Does this signify a death in the finale of season 7? Tragedy is most equated with losing people and the Flash family has experienced a lot of loss. So, does the events of the finale result in a character death? And, if so, who will meet their end? And, if they break the chain, how would that look like?

    So many questions that fans can’t wait to have answered on the 2-episode finale of Flash season 7. What are you most excited about?



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