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    Aynjewl Faycc: HypeFresh Interviews L.O.U.D Muzik’s Radio Junket


    Aynjewl Faycc, cool and intentional approaches HypeFresh’s table. She sports an original style, confident and exuberant. She hails from Maine. Meet Aynjewel Faycc.

    HypeFresh Highlights Aynjewl Faycc

    Aynjewl Faycc: Aynjewl Faycc is an American hip-hop artist, producer, videographer, graphic designer and fashion designer.

    Tell us about your music.

    AF: My music is a little different, I sing and I rap. Like I said, I make the beats for them. It really hones in more on my energy and what I’m trying to focus on. So, typically when I sit down and make a beat its something that already came to me. You know, maybe like a chorus that came to my head. I can make the beat specifically to that tune. The type of music I like to write about is stuff like philosophy, and I throw that into life experiences to you know, make connections with people. That’s pretty much it.

    Do you want to migrate into the industry or do you want to remain and Indie artist?

    AF: I’m trying to break into the industry any way possible, since I was nine years old. Whether it be acting, music, fashion. Anything, I want to be in the limelight. I want to be seen and be a role model because I feel my personality can withstand a lot, and it’s really kind and gentle but real. I’m not going to be a pushover either. You gotta see me in action to know what I’m talking about, because that’s how you get to know people.

    Do you have any projects out right now?

    AF: I have releases biweekly, I’ve been doing that since this past December. I started on like a four album consistency. Right now, I’m on the third album that thing I’ve been working on called, Graveyard Sky. My most recent release that the video came out for Friday, it’s called a A Different Basket. What’s different about that track of the time signature of 16 over 21. So, I made the rhythm work.

    What is your Instagram?

    AF: @aynjewlfaycc


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